Scholarship Application Announcement

Dear Parents and Seniors:
The Salem Educational Foundation and Alumni Association was organized as a 501 C (3) organization in 1983. An all-volunteer Board of Directors operates and governs the Foundation. The Foundation’s primary purpose is to develop endowments from individuals and organizations that are dedicated to improving and promotion the continuing education of City of Salem students. The Foundation then utilizes these endowments to fund scholarships which are awarded to high school seniors each year. Since 1983, the Foundation has awarded over 2 million dollars to Salem High School graduates.

The Foundation is committed to awarding as many scholarships as its resources will allow in 2016. Despite the challenging economic conditions of the past few years both families and organizations alike have come forward with generous donations to honor and memorialize worthy goals and noteworthy individuals. Eligible as charitable deductions of federal income taxes, contributions to the Foundation ultimately help to establish a continuing legacy by funding educational endowments.

The list of awards to be presented by the Salem Educational Foundation and Alumni Association can be viewed on our website. Please review carefully the purpose of each endowment and, in some cases, note the restrictions that are imposed for applicants. You may follow this link to the application descriptions.

This year we are proud to announce that the application process will be online. Review the questions carefully and discuss them as a family prior to completing the application as the form cannot be saved and worked on later. Please direct requests for additional information regarding the application itself to Mrs. Kelly Dalaski at

If you choose to apply for the Foundation scholarship, your application must be submitted by 6:00 PM on March 24, 2016. No Exceptions Will Be Made To The Deadline.

Scholarship recipients will be notified by SHS school messenger and students will receive their awards during the reception at Salem High School on May 31, 2016. Winners are expected to attend the reception.


The Foundation extends its congratulations and best wishes to all 2016 Salem High School graduates.
Tommy McDonald, III

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