A Message from the Membership Chair

SEF was founded in 1983 as a 501c(3) organization with six charter members with a mission of building a scholarship endowment in support of high school graduates from Salem. Two scholarships were awarded in 1984. In 2017, 106 scholarships were provided, valued at $160,000. The program has succeeded because of the generosity of many citizens, dedicated to helping Salem’s youth and promoting a positive impact on the entire community.

We can be justly proud of this accomplishment and, yet, financial needs continue to grow. Tuition and other college costs have grown substantially. Also, there is a recognized need for scholarships for Career and Technical Education (CTE) to be addressed, as well. Though it is true that many of us are not in a position to create a newly- endowed scholarship, most of us can donate something to existing scholarships or to SEF’s Operating Endowment.

The Operating Endowment supports our annual Scholarship Awards event and three, key outreach programs. The first recognizes the accomplishments of Salem schools graduates (the Hall of Fame program), another honors those who contribute to the education of Salem’s youth in a broad number of disciplines (the Champions for Children program), and a third is a Teacher of the Year program to applaud top educators at each Salem school.

With no financial obligation, you can become a Member of SEF. In this way, you can help us to spread our message to others by word of mouth, directing them to our website and by following us and sharing it via social media. We believe an informed community will respond, generously, as a result. Won’t you consider participating in this way?

If you choose, you can also become a Sustaining Member with a donation to SEF. Donations of $100 or less will go to the Operating Endowment. Any amount over $100 will go toward funding a “Community-based Scholarship,” where citizens’ donations will band together to endow a new scholarship for our graduates (so, yes, everyone can help to create new scholarships!).

Please join SEF to stay informed and to help us to get the word out about our programs and to achieve recognition for those who support the education of our youth in our special community. And, if you can become a Sustaining Member, no matter the amount, your contribution will go a long way in continuing the Foundation’s success. Thank you for your consideration!

Feel free to call me at 540-312-6558 to discuss how you can help.

Kind Regards,

Jim Archer
Class of 1968
Andrew Lewis High School

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