What’s the charge for membership?

The SEFAA does not charge for membership.  The Foundation is completely self-sustaining, and operates off the generosity of our donors.  We do not have high operational costs. 

What happens to my donation?

Donations of $100 or less (determined at time of donation) are assigned to the SEFAA Operational Endowment which funds a part-time Foundation secretary, website and social media development, special programs like the annual scholarship awards ceremony or the Hall of Fame and Champions for Children and outreach to further the purposes of the Foundation.  The Board is vigilant that any operational expenses appropriately enhance the education of young people in Salem, Virginia.

General donations over $100 (donations not dedicated to particular endowments) will be assigned to one of two community scholarships: the Annual Fund Scholarship, which will support student(s) four-year educational program; and the CTE Scholarship, which supports student(s) vocational training.

Donations to specific endowments are assigned as indicated by the donor.  SEFAA no longer offers Lifetime Membership. 

What if I was a Lifetime Member of the SEFAA?

If you were previously a “Lifetime Member” of the SEFAA, your membership transfers and while you may need to re-register through our membership portal, no further action is required. You are always welcome to contribute to specific endowments or to the Annual Fund.